Whether you're an NDIS provider looking for the optimal solution to better manage your business; or you are an I.T. company looking to evaluate the product and become a supportive reseller, the team at dock'd look forward to you booking in a convenient time to take you through it. Simply follow the steps below and you will be on your way to discover the power of dock'd in no time:

Great! We love helping NDIS businesses improve their systems, reduce their costs (typically from running multiple pieces of software) and helping them be much more efficient in what they do. Please help us learn a little more about your business:

Great! Dock’d is being built on a trusted “Authorised Reseller” network. We are bringing together capable I.T. Hardware/Software companies to help us take dock’d national, and to support the hybrid requirements of the software. Becoming an Authorised Reseller will give you access to your very own dock’d website, localised to you and your business, along with other sales and marketing support initiatives. We would love to learn a bit more about your business:

Remote support

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